Empowering Strong Women

A hug from Jelliebend is a reminder that you are strong, beautiful, and capable of anything. 💕

Why are these values so important to Jelliebend? To give you all the full story I need to take you way back to when I was just a young ballerina. Everyday I slipped into a leotard and tights and stared at my reflection in the mirror while my ballet teacher pointed out all the things that were wrong with me. I did not want to disappoint her so I worked tirelessly to correct my deficiencies. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I worked it was never enough. My teacher commonly remarked that teaching me was a waste of her time and she would rather pick at her fingernails than watch me dance. To heal from these experiences, I needed to learn that my ballet teachers do not get to decide whether I am beautiful or good enough. Instead, I get to decide for myself. I want Jelliebend to be a reminder to all women that we do not need to accept limited and un-inclusive beauty standards. Instead, we get to decide for ourselves. -Ellie