Jelliebend Instagram Challenges

Join us for Jelliebend Challenges on Insta! Everyone is welcome to participate for a chance to win free Jelliebend- and to support and connect with passionate movers across the world! 🌎✨🤗

To enter a Jelliebend Challenge just follow the steps below. 

1. Check out our Instagram page to see what’s going on! Once a challenge is announced, be sure to follow the challenge hosts and Jelliebend. 

2. Post to Instagram! Share a daily pic with the hashtag #getjellie and the challenge hashtag so we can follow your journey.

3. Celebrate all that you achieved during the challenge! Winners will be chosen by the hosts at the end of each challenge.

Jelliebend Challenges 


Each body comes with its own unique set of strengths and challenges. Working with your body is like putting together a one of a kind puzzle. Join this challenge celebrate the your body’s idiosyncrasies. 


The fear of failure can limit creativity and prevent us from trying new things. So lets redefine success as the process of exploring and learning rather than the result. Join this challenge to approach a new pose or skill as an experiment and focus on cultivating curiosity and creativity! 


Carol Dweck studied students' attitudes about failure and learned that some students rebounded quickly while others seemed devastated by the small setbacks. After her analysis she coined the term growth mindset- the belief that you can get smarter and stronger through effort!  The students with a growth mindset ultimately reached higher levels of achievement. Join this challenge to tap into your growth mindset. 


"I am woman, I am fearless, I am sexy, I'm divine, I'm unbeatable, I'm creative, Honey, you can get in line.” Emmy Meli Join this challenge to reflect on all the amazing things women bring to the world. 


Society puts pressure on women to be pretty and likable above all else. But as women we are so much more than just pretty or likable. We have experiences, opinions, and voices of our own.  Join this challenge to connect with your inner voice and reflect on how you can use your voice and energy for positive change! 

#JELLIEREST June 27-July 1

“My rest is just as important as my work. I refuse to believe that achieving my dreams has to come at the cost of burnout. That’s not my story.”@bossbabe Join this challenge to create space in your day for rest.  Join this challenge to explore what feels natural in your body and what brings calm to your nervous system.