Deepen Your Backbend: Digital Training Mini Series

Deepen Your Backbend: Digital Training Mini Series

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Experience deeper backbending without straining your lower back. Learn backbending technique from former Cirque Du Soleil performer and now flexibility coach Anna Venizelos. In this digital training mini series you will discover how to find length and engagement through the upper back and shoulders helping to improve flexibility and reduce pressure on the lower back.

What to expect? This mini series is just under ten minutes and is broken down by exercise. Anna explains the technique and theory behind each exercise while Ellie demonstrates.

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Discover Your Backbend Potential

"I began training contortion with Anna as an adult beginner. Not only was I learning to deepen my backbend as an adult but I also have scoliosis. Anna was not deterred by these challenges and told me that 'every body is its own unique puzzle'. Today, thanks to hard work and Anna's training I can do skills I never thought would be possible in my body. " Ellie

Get To Know Your Coach: Anna Venizelos


Anna's journey into circus arts began with a background in gymnastics and dance, which led her to pursue dance education at NYU. Specializing in contortion and aerial,  she toured with Cirque du Soleil's production of Quidam and performed with other esteemed circus companies like Les Gens d'R and Cirque Eloize. Other career highlights include appearing in the feature film The Greatest Showman and performing in Lincoln Center in the production  Cosí Fan Tutte  with the Metropolitan Opera. Now, she shares her expertise as a teacher in NYC, focusing on proper body mechanics and health coaching to empower her students

Anna's Coaching Philosophy 

I believe there is a beautiful inherent geometry built into our bodies and it has always been my passion to honor that through movement. Movement that looks aesthetically pleasing is many times also functional and efficient. Can this apply to flexibility training where we are exploring extreme ranges? I believe that proper stretching techniques and the appropriate strength and conditioning can help us to both preserve physical longevity and create aesthetic, efficient movement even at our end ranges. My coaching philosophy, Essentialete fitness, is a whole body- physical, mental, neurological approach to flexibility training and the additional lifestyle components that make it sustainable. 

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Get To Know Your Classmate: Ellie Klein 

"As a former ballerina I am technique obsessed. One of my favorite parts of training is building brain body connections and feeling a deep sense of body awareness. One of my training challenges is managing the imbalances created by my scoliosis." -Ellie

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Anna & Ellie


Jelliebend's Brand Values

Body Positivity, Inclusivity, and Empowerment 

Listen to Ellie's personal story behind Jelliebend's brand values. 

Customer Reviews

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Beth Hee
Expert Advice for More Flexibility

I already was a huge fan of the jelliebend back supporter, but I now have even more confidence to take my flexibility training to another level. I’m so thankful to Ellie and her coach, Anna, for not only the visual demonstration of the exercises, but also the verbal cues that enhance my understanding of the body parts we are targeting to lengthen and strengthen the upper back and shoulders. I appreciate the professional guidance this program provides and I think it would be appropriate for any student at any level. Having the Jelliebend back supporter and using it with this program is the perfect combination for total wellness and flexibility improvement. I highly recommend both!

Zuzana Kurkova
Love it

It was a great course. I loved the instructions as it helped me to get into a deeper backbend.

These exercises are my fav

These are now my go to back bend drills. Love the technique.


What struck me most about this series was its comprehensive approach. It wasn't just a series of poses to follow along with; it covered technique and proper alignment. Even as a relative beginner, I never felt lost or overwhelmed. The instructors explained each movement with precision and offered helpful cues to ensure proper alignment and engagement.

So helpful!

These exercises have become a staple in my backbend routine. I feel way more engaged through my upper back and improved my flexibility.