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Jelliebend Luxe

Jelliebend Luxe

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Designed By A Professional Contortionist With Scoliosis

Watch video for the story of how Ellie created Jellie

The Magic inside Jelliebend

Jelliebend harnesses the power of body heat and compression to improve mobility, support the lower back, and accelerate muscle recovery.


Jelliebend is unisex. To determine your size measure your waist and follow the size guide below. Additionally you can watch our video with sizing reference photos. Still not sure what size is right for you? Feel free to contact for support.

SizeWaist (inches)

Who is getting Jellie? 

McCall, Dancer

Rennie, Yogi 

Amber, Ice Skater

Mar, Pole Dancer

Eureka, Dancer

Anna, Ballet Teacher

Lauren,  Yogi 

Layla, Ballet Dancer

Jess, Ice Skater

Past Limited Edition Colors

Aqua Tides

Purple Haze 

Pink Pearl

Frequently asked questions

Brand Values

Body Positivity, Inclusivity, and Empowerment 

Listen to Ellie's personal story behind Jelliebend's brand values. 

Where do Jelliebend's come from? 

Watch video to go along with Ellie to the Jelliebend factory 

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Trista Stevenson
Perfect fit

I have had some back issues and stand long hours for work. I recently upped my exercise routine and felt my back need extra support. The jelly band has done the trick. I was very happy with the fit. I. Am plus sized and worried that it would not fit . But it is perfect. I definitely need another!

Mary Emma Bennett
Love it!

Leaves my back feeling so warm and supported in ballet class and rehearsal!


I got this to help with my EDS and POTS and I’ve only worn it for a day but feels like it’s helping a LOT with my POTS and is pretty far comfy

Sveet Cheeks
Like a supportive hug for my lumbar!

I used to be very bendy as a child, but as an adult my lower back has struggled to keep up with my routines and workouts. This product immediately felt supportive, warm, and comfortable in any position. I want more, in more colors! I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and fit. It can roll up on the bottom, but I have a very long torso, so that is to be expected in some positions. I now wear it from warm up through aerial rehearsal, to keep my lumbar supported and warmed up. Thank you!

Trish M.

I bought my Jelliebend for a different purpose than most. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and have a lot of mobility and pain issues. The Jelliebend gives me just the right amount of support and compression in my back and core to help me feel more stable without being restrictive. I also find myself sitting more upright when wearing it instead of slouching, which helps my upper body as well. I need to buy another one since I have worn it every day since I got it. Who would have thought something so simple would make such a big difference?!