Jelliebend Shine
Jelliebend Shine
Jelliebend Shine
Jelliebend Shine
Jelliebend Shine

Jelliebend Shine

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Jelliebend Shine: Glossy smooth fabric collection 

Designed by a professional contortionist with scoliosis, Jelliebend is a wearable lower back accessory that harnesses the power of body heat and compression to...

✅ Support the lower back The light squeeze from Jelliebend provides a gentle assist while encouraging ab engagement. This helps to stabilize the lower back and reduce pressure on the spine.

✅ Improve Mobility: The warmth from Jelliebend facilitates stretching of the soft tissues around the spine. This helps to increase range of motion while decreasing stiffness and injury.

✅ Accelerate Recovery: Jelliebend provides your torso with gentle compression. Studies show that the application of balanced compression allows for more oxygen to be delivered to muscles. More oxygen to the muscles means better performance, less fatigue and faster recovery.

✨The magic inside Jelliebend: Jelliebend has two layers of compression material separated by a pile of interconnected threads that traps body heat and wicks away sweat.

Sizing: Jelliebend is unisex.  If you are deciding between two sizes consider how much compression you prefer. A smaller size will give you a tighter squeeze and greater support while a larger size will give a lighter squeeze and less support. Jelliebend is made with plenty of stretch and will accommodate a range of body shapes and sizes. Still not sure what size is right for you? Feel free to contact for support.

Size Guide

 Size Waist (inches)
XS 22-25
S 26-31
M 32-36
L 37-41
XL 42-48
How to Wear: Step into your Jelliebend and shimmy it over your bum. The top of the Jelliebend should sit just below the bottom of your ribcage. Your Jelliebend should hug your waist and provide a gentle squeeze around your lower back and abdomen.

Proud to be made in the USA! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Great compression band

I work a physical labor job and my lower back has been feeling strained a lot lately. This band definitely helps bring relief, and also helps with the lower back pain I have from PMS. The customer service was great in helping me pick the best size for my needs. I like the band it so much I ordered a second one:)


Sizing chart doesn't match up. Ordered a small, and it's sized as if for a child.

I am sorry the sizing guide was not effective for you. I am happy to help with an exchange. We have also added a video to the website showing people wearing Jelliebend in different sizes to provide reference photos. Thank you for purchasing a Jelliebend!

Eva Bertozzi
Happy back

The jelliebend is unbelievable.....the support and warmth that gives you is something I have never experienced with any other back warmer I had in the past .. definitely something you want to have for your training....I am glad I found it.


Love it. Help me a lot with my back. Pain is almost gone

Gracie Bellinder

Jelliebend Shine