Meet Jelliebend

Slip into Jelliebend and know that we have your back. Jelliebend’s WarmFlex design harnesses the power of body heat and compression to improve mobility, support the lower back, and accelerate muscle recovery.


WarmFlex Design

Jelliebend’s WarmFlex design utilizes two specialty materials. The inner material is a 3-D fabric that contains an insulative air layer to trap body heat and wick away sweat. This material warms the body while wrapping the torso in supportive compression. The outer material boosts both warmth and compression. 

Improve Mobility:  The insulation from Jelliebend warms the lower back. As muscle temperature increases so does muscle pliability. This not only improves flexibility but also reduces the likelihood of injury. 

Support the Lower Back: The compression from jelliebend supports your lower back while encouraging ab engagement. Jelliebend gives you the support you need without restricting your movement.

Accelerate Recovery: The warm and balanced compression from jelliebend boosts circulation to your torso. This allows your blood to transport more oxygen to your muscles while carrying away lactic acid and other toxins. 


How does Jelliebend Work?

Empowering Strong Women

Slip into Jelliebend and know that we have your back.Through every triumph and stumble in your practice Jelliebend will be there to give you a warm squeeze. A hug from Jelliebend is a reminder that you are beautiful, strong, and capable of anything.

Female Founded: The Story of Jellie and Ellie


A hug from Jelliebend