Jelliebend -A warm supportive hug for your lower back 

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Meet Jelliebend's Founder:  A Professional Contortionist With Scoliosis

Ellie and Jellie are on a mission to spread lower back happiness. 

The Magic inside Jelliebend

Jelliebend harnesses the power of body heat and compression to improve mobility, support the lower back, and accelerate muscle recovery.

Who is getting Jellie? 

McCall, Dancer

Rennie, Yogi 

Eureka, Dancer

Jess, Ice Skater

Amber, Ice Skater

Mar, Pole Dancer


Anna, Ballet Teacher

Lauren,  Yogi 

Layla, Ballet Dancer

Jellie Fabric Collections


Jelliebend Luxe is our velvet collection. This collection includes two colors; Midnight and Silver Mist (limited edition).



Jelliebend Shine is our glossy smooth fabric collection. This collection includes two colors; Onyx and Lush (limited edition).


Learn to Deepen Your Backbend: Digital Training

Learn how to deepen your backbend by finding length and engagement through the upper back and shoulders. 

Jellie's Brand Values

Body Positivity, Inclusivity, and Empowerment 

Listen to Ellie's personal story behind Jelliebend's brand values. 

Where do Jelliebend's come from? 

Watch video to go along with Ellie to the Jelliebend factory 

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