Support the lumbar spine and improve mobility with Jelliebend.


Protect the Lower Back

Designed by a professional contortionist with scoliosis, Jelliebend, is the first yoga accessory that uses body heat and compression to improve mobility while stabilizing the core and lower back resulting in reduced pain and injury.


The Science Behind Jelliebend

Jelliebend's WarmFlex Technology utilizes a specialty fabric that consists of two layers of compression material separated by an interconnected pile of threads. This allows Jelliebend to trap body heat, wick away sweat, and provide a supportive assist all at once. 

Support the Lower Back: The light squeeze from Jelliebend gives the lower back a gentle assist while helping to encourage ab engagement. This helps to stabilize the lower back and relieve pressure on the spine. 

Improve Mobility: The warmth from Jelliebend facilitates stretching of the soft tissues around the spine. This helps to increase range of motion while decreasing stiffness and injury.

Accelerate Recovery: Jelliebend provides your torso with gentle compression. Studies show that the application of balanced compression allows for 30% more oxygen to be delivered to muscles. More oxygen to the muscles means better performance, less fatigue and faster recovery.

How Does Jelliebend Work?

The Lumbar Spine


A hug from Jelliebend is a reminder that you are strong, beautiful, and capable of anything.

The Story of Jellie and Ellie


Fabric Collections

Jelliebend Luxe

Jelliebend Luxe is our velvet fabric collection. This collection includes three beautiful colors; Black, Purple Haze, and Aqua Tides. 


Jelliebend Shine

Jelliebend Shine is our glossy smooth fabric collection. This collection includes two colors; Onyx and Lush (coming soon).