Meet Jelliebend

A warm supportive hug for your lower back. Jelliebend's WarmFlex Technology harnesses the power of body heat and compression to enhance performance while reducing lower back pain and injury.


WarmFlex Technology

Jelliebend's WarmFlex Technology wraps the abdomen in a layer of gentle compression while trapping body heat in an insulative air layer. The warmth and balanced compression from Jelliebend improves mobility, supports the lower back, and accelerates muscle recovery.


The Science Behind Jelliebend

Improve Mobility: The warmth from Jelliebend facilitates stretching of the soft tissues around the spine. This helps to increase range of motion while decreasing stiffness and injury.

Support the Lower Back: The gentle squeeze from Jelliebend supports the lower back and gives the abdominal muscles to resist against. The tactile cue to engage your core relieves pressure on the spine. 

Accelerate Recovery: Jelliebend provides your torso with gentle compression. Studies show that the application of balanced compression allows for 30% more oxygen to be delivered to muscles before, during and after a workout. More oxygen to the muscles means better performance, less fatigue and faster recovery.

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We have your back

Slip into Jelliebend and know that we have your back. Through every triumph and stumble in your day Jelliebend will be there to give you a warm squeeze. A hug from Jelliebend is a reminder that you are strong, beautiful, and capable of anything.

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